Free Food Fridge

Another great idea for cohousers. We love how Asha Leong of East Lake Commons just outside Atlanta, GA is bringing together her passion, her cohousing community and the broader community in which she lives.  Thanks Asha, for sharing this great idea!

Build it and they will come. I’m proud to unveil the East Lake Commons FREE FRIDGE! This is taking my passion for the zero food waste movement to the next level! Come on by and check it out! I’m taking food donations of all kinds! The goal of this fridge is ZERO FOOD WASTE we don’t care how well resourced or not you are. We simply don’t want perfectly good food to go to waste! Share extra take what you need. This fridge is open to EVERYONE! I am inspired by Freefoodcommune and their efforts. Also Atlanta’s free 99 fridge project!

Currently the fridge has:
-frozen chicken parts
-chicken nuggets
-frozen bananas
-ham and cheese breakfast sandwiches from starbucks
-chocolate milk
-stone ground grits
-sweet potatoes
-canned fruit
-canned beans/pasta/greens
-peanut butter

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