Fun and Getting Along at the NE Summit

“Move into community!” they said. “You’ll be so close with your neighbors!” they said. “Consensus is an empowering and relational way to make decisions.” they said. “We’ll laugh and play and dance together.”

“They” weren’t wrong, but maybe they also should have said, “Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes we get stuck, and sometimes we need help getting back to the fun part.” The truth is that community is fun and relational.

AND It takes hard work and sometimes skills we don’t have yet to make it work. Mostly cohousing works pretty well. AND Most communities could enjoy even better relationships with some new information and skills.

If you are looking to have more fun and better process in your community, the NorthEast Cohousing Summit is just the place for you. It’s never too early or too late to make your community relationships stronger, easier and more enjoyable. Conference sessions will include a “Fun and Getting Along” track to help you do just that, not to mention the great tips you will pick up chatting with other cohousers.

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