Social Activism consists of efforts to promote, social, political, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make improvements in society. Be a social activist, support the cohousing movement.

Often people make donations to organizations they support on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, but you can financially support non-profits such as CoHoUS ANY DAY of the week, ANY TIME of the year!

The Cohousing Association of the US is proud to offer things such as:

Monthly eNews including national happenings and highlighted news articles

Advocacy leading to recognition by the Federal National Mortgage Association (commonly known as Fannie Mae)

A directory of communities (with information and website links), of both forming and established communities

A membership list of over 10,000 members, allowing your classified ad or blog post to be far reaching

An annual educational and networking conference (sometimes two!)

A regional in spring of 2018 in Colorado

A regional in fall of 2018 in Massachusetts

A national in spring of 2019 Portland, OR

Mainstream recognition through reports in USA Today, Time Magazine, and our members speaking at Ted


The easiest way to donate to CohoUS is to follow this link:


You can also mail a check to:

The Cohousing Association of the US

4710 16th Street

Boulder, CO 80304

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