Great opportunity to learn about cohousing! 

Want to get the scoop on cohousing “from the horse’s mouth”? National Cohousing Open House Weekend, sponsored by Coho U.S., is coming right up on Saturday and Sunday, May 6–7. Dozens of cohousing communities across the U.S. are holding open houses, either in person or virtual, on these dates. This is the perfect opportunity to get answers to questions directly from people who live in these communities.  

 Senior communities hosting in-person events: 

  • Elderberry Cohousing, Rougemont, NC (established) 
  • Heartwood Commons, Tulsa, OK (developing) 
  • Wolf Creek Lodge, Grass Valley, CA (established) 

 Senior communities hosting virtual events: 

  • PDX Commons, Portland, OR (established) 
  • Quimper Village, Port Townsend, WA (established) 
  • Village Hearth Cohousing, Durham, NC (established) 

 There are also many multigenerational communities holding open houses. You can learn a lot from visiting any cohousing project, not just senior-focused ones. All cohousing communities have common wisdom and experience to share — from how a project is developed and how to recruit members to what policies guide their day-to-day life.  

Find more information (times, topics, and a full list of open houses, both senior and multigenerational). 

 In addition, some communities have open houses or online gatherings throughout the year. You can find out about these by signing up for their newsletter on their website. You may learn other interesting information from newsletters — there are many ways to get educated and inspired about cohousing.  

 Coming up: 

May 1, 2023, 5:30–6:30 p.m. Central Time 

What’s It Like to Live in Cohousing? featuring Shelly Parks 

Presented by Heartwood Commons on Zoom. 


May 1–2, 2023 

Reclaiming Death & Dying in Community featuring Lee Warren 

Workshop sponsored by FIC (Foundation for Intentional Community)

Presented on Zoom; recording available after workshop 

Discounts available 


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