Help us grow…Rooftop Farm @ Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing

Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing (CHUC) in Seattle, WA is finally edging up to its fourth floor in construction and just weeks away from setting the base for The Rooftop Farm project we have planned. We are talking about more than a few raised planters on the roof. We envision a working, year-round urban farm. We plan to work with the Seattle Urban Farm Company to setup our lower rooftop initially. The upper rooftop may be used for rainwater collection and routed to the farm. Eventually we hope to install photovoltaic solar panels on the upper rooftop.

To achieve our goals, we have just launched a crowdfunding campaign for this project with Barnraiser and are asking you to help us grow together this urban farm aimed at connecting people and community to local organic food production.

Learn more about the Rooftop Farm project on our website at:

As one of Seattle’s fastest-growing and most densely-populated neighborhoods, Capitol Hill provides a unique opportunity for us to grow together through urban farming expansion, awareness and education. The intent of our farm in the city is to educate local children, college students, and the general public, about the benefits of hyper-local food production, to demonstrate what a successful year-round organic rooftop farm looks like, and to act as a catalyst for the creation of a Capitol Hill food network—one which will connect neighbors, local restaurants, and local organizations around local food production.

We need YOU to join us in this endeavor by helping us to raise $10,000 to build The Rooftop Farm @ CHUC.

You can support our project by making a donation—every little bit helps AND by spreading the word to your network:

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