Housing That Lessens Lonelines

A recent article on aging investigates cohousing’s potential to address the loneliness dilemma many older adults encounter when faced with the prospect of aging in place, isolated. “What if your housing choices in later life could mitigate that isolation? What if loneliness were to be replaced with meaningful connections?” the piece asks.

These days,1 out of 3 people aged 50+ are divorced, widowed or never married. This makes creating a meaningful community around one’s housing choice more vital than ever. Home is so much more than a house tailored to aging – it’s a resonating belonging – an accountability to and agreeable reliance on others as friends. “As the number of older adults swells, there will undoubtedly be more creative housing options to keep them socially engaged. Perhaps feeling valued is the greatest antidote to loneliness.”

Senior cohousing is suggested as a growing alternative – and in fact, there are now 13 completed communities, 2 building and another 13 forming (full list here). Pictured here – Mountain View Cohousing in California (photo credit to McCamant & Durrett Architects).

Read the full piece from Longevity Network, founded by AARP and United Healthcare here: Housing That Lessens Loneliness

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