HUD is talking about cohousing!

Dear all,
I wanted to share this exciting news. HUD is talking about cohousing! See email below from the woman I work with on Fannie Mae and FHA Project Approvals.
“Wanted to share the attached brochure, HUD DC handed out in our roundtable meeting March 24-26, 2014. You are referenced on Page 2. HUD spoke favorably in regard to CO-Housing. I’m sure you played a huge part in changing their views on the whole concept.”
The woman who spoke about cohousing was Joanne Kuczuma, who is now the Housing Program Officer in charge of Condominium Approvals and oversees all the Homeownership Centers Condo Approval Departments. She handed out a bunch of stuff off the CohUS website. Has anyone heard of her before? This is HUGE for cohousing!
I think this points out a couple of different things:
How important it is to have a National Cohousing Association (how can we use this to build support for the Association?)
The importance of working with professionals that have their own inside connections. National Condo Advisors is about as straight as organization as one can find. I have used them to assist me with Fannie Mae and FHA Project Approvals (which are now much more important for getting competitive loans).
I have also recommend them to numerous other communities, although to date I only know of 3 communities that have actually use them. But now, cohousing is one of their client types, so they keep their ears tuned for anything that might be related to us.and I don’t think we would have even heard about this meeting had it not been my relationship with this particular consultant. Karen went rounds with me on FHA Approval for Wolf Creek Lodge, as our advocate with FHA/HUD and learned a lot about cohousing in the process.

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