Individual Partnership Program

The Cohousing Association works a lot with communities, and we know that communities are made up of individual people. If you are member of a community, we hope your whole community will take advantage of our Community Launch or Community Partnership programs.  If you aren’t, or if you can’t convince your community to invest in this great service as a group (silly community!), we still want to make it easy for you to partner with us and learn lots about cohousing and how to do cohousing well. We’ve created our Individual Partnership program just for you.  
What’s new for 2023?

Based on input from partner surveys and interviews over the last year, we are building upon the success of the partnership program in 2023. In addition to the same great benefits as previous years we are proud to announce the development of The Cohousing Institute, a virtual learning platform designed to educate, empower, and connect the cohousing movement. This platform will make it easier to access the hundreds of hours of training included in your partnership while also supporting ongoing discussions based on course materials.

The 2023 partnership will also include free access to discussion forums and discounts on in-depth training and coaching on specific areas such as finance, communication, and advocacy offered through the Institute. 

We will be expanding this value for the same annual fee, and are asking partners to renew partnership this Fall to help us build capacity for this expansion. 

Benefits for 2023 will include all of the below and more as we build it:
  • Free access to online events
  • Discounts on live in-person events
  • Discounts on in-depth training and coaching through The Cohousing Institute (our NEW virtual learning platform)
  • Upgraded access to a library of 200+ recorded event sessions, sorted by event or topic
  • Free Discussion Groups connected to recordings for ongoing discussion
  • Support for the cohousing movement, CohoUS, and the many public services we offer, including, the cohousing directory, and more 
Individual Investment: $150 – single payment for 2023
How do I sign up?
Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. If you have not received your paypal invoice or event access information within 5 business days, please send a follow up email to