It Takes A Village to Boil a Lobster …’er Silver Sage Village That Is

What a great community we have at Silver Sage Village!

And if anyone asks about how many it takes to boil a lobster … the answer is simple: It takes a village to boil a lobster at least the village at Silver Sage.

When we started to plan on Monday for the Lobster Boil … many knew it would be fun!
Yet I think the “adventure” of the entire evening with everyone contributing AND enjoying either “handling”, cooking or even avoiding the crustaceans made our gathering FUN for all but the dozen lobsters!

Thanks be to Peter, Alan, Diana, Jim, Brownie, Gayla, Kay, Wahhab, Agaf, Rahima, DeAnne, Ariella, Joan, Clyde Rae, Gerry Young, Arthur, and guests Elaine, Brandy and Sammy The Dog … to those who devoured the crustaceans and those who found other delights at this unique gathering.
Hammerin’ Hank …

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