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Don’t Let Your Kids Space Become an Afterthought!

Wild Sage had some cool things in our kids space, we took a small plain square room and built a loft, we added an old library ladder to access it, we painted each wall a different color and painted sparkly clouds on the ceiling…but is it really what our kids wanted? We’re not so sure. It became the place where unwanted toys ended up…think about that for a moment…if kids kids play with them at home, why would they become suddenly interested in them at the common house?

Some things that have slowly evolved in a positive way, adding a dress up box; though we wish we had a stage, even a small one, with a curtain. Craft and art supplies, you can never have too much of this stuff, but for everyone’s sanity a storage system for supplies, maybe even containers that can be ‘rotated in and out’ as interest dictates; and think about how markers with caps left off dry out, but crayons last forever, even when broken or down to stubs,you can melt them into new ones which is a project in itself! We have a giant chalkboard wall which all ages of kids (and adults) enjoy.

And outdoor space, if you can set aside space for an outdoor structure, most kids would be SO happy, especially if there are places to ‘hide’. Think treehouse or fort or playhouse.

Back to my original question of what do our kids really want? Wouldn’t it be enlightening and empowering to involve them in the planning process. Now, they will need a little guidance or you might end up with a life size rocket ship on the center green.

Growing Up Boulder is an organization that can teach us how to ask our kids what they want. Learn some of these communication and brainstorming techniques at the Boulder, Colorado pre-conference half-day intensive ‘Creating Community Space for Kids’

Creating Community Space for Kids – Half Day Afternoon Intensive with Growing Up Boulder $60

How many hours are spent designing ‘the perfect common house’ or choosing flooring and finishes for each unit? Hundreds. But let’s face it, those are things that we adult-home-owners care about. What to kids think about? Play space! Hang out space! Makerspace! This intensive will guide you in some techniques with how to work with community kids to create shared spaces that they LOVE to use. It is certainly a skill to hear their wishes, contain reality and guide them into creating something great.

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