Lindy Sexton – Grass Valley, CA

Lindy is a millennial and grew up within a tight-knit community in Minnesota. She is an outreach and business management consultant and enjoys working on community-driven initiatives and environmental causes. Through her work Lindy has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people who were interested in creating cohousing communities across the globe. Lindy believes that living in a supportive community leads to better social connections and a healthier outlook on life.

Why am I involved in Cohousing NextGen?

For those who are starting a career or a family, having some consistency in your life can be the anchor. Living in a community where you know and trust your neighbor can be that anchor. Young people need to know that this is realistic and the NextGen initiative seeks to lead the conversation. Growing up in a community that shares many principals of cohousing, I have experienced the support that comes with knowing and trusting your neighbor. As a child, I was encouraged to explore and learn, and to respect the sages around me, all of which I believe have formed who I am today.

For anyone who is thinking about cohousing, there are several barriers that can be daunting. For this reason, it is a good idea to work with cohousing professionals (architects, developers, etc) who have experience creating these types of neighborhoods. Cohousing can be a reality for first-time homebuyers and for young families. CohousingNextGen aims to get people connected and share resources with one another, inspiring a younger generation to stand in community.

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