London Visit – to the Newest Cohousing Community in the UK

In January while in London, my wife and I visited what is probably the newest multi-generational cohousing community in the UK: Springdale Gardens Cohousing. It is in the middle of a block, completely surrounded by row houses, in the Stoke Newington district of north London. It consists of a single building with six units on three levels, shared laundry room and a large common room, with space for gardens. Every unit is different; owners were allowed to customize. They moved in August 2014, after four years of planning and building, with the usual problems dealing with architect, builder and local council. The lot is quite small, 10,760 sq ft, with no room for car parking at all. In fact, the local council says that they cannot park on nearby streets, and are discouraged, if not prohibited, from owning automobiles at all. There are apparently similar restrictions on most new multi-family developments in the London area.

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