National Cohousing Open House Day Anyone?

Have you registered for the unique opportunity to promote your community along with others around the country through the National Cohousing Open House Day coming up (Sat) April 30, 2016? This will be a great way to strengthen the bonds within and between communities while lengthening your waiting lists and filling openings. It will help generate new interest nationwide as well, thus more communities can emerge over time.

Sign up and I will contact you to discuss more details. January 1st is our public launch on social media; soon after on other media sources.

Connect with our FB page to post about your own events, as well as other activities you want to promote, and share our announcements to spread the word with your communities as well.

This is one tangible way we can all learn from and inspire others.

Find out more info here and contact me, Mira Brisk at with any questions, discuss ideas you have, and to volunteer and be a part of the planning on a national level.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Happy New Year’s.

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