National Cohousing Open House Day is Back, Better than Ever

Is it that time of year again? After its incredible debut last year, National Cohousing Open House Day is back, better than ever, this year on Saturday, April 29. We’re again joining several other places where you’ll find “cohousing clusters” in doing regional organizing, so people can visit several communities and make the most of the day.

Living in two cohousing neighborhoods over the past 17 years, it’s easy for me to take this way of life for granted, with all its charms and challenges. But I do find it helpful to meet new community seekers and experience our community through their “fresh eyes” and helpful questions that can revive a sense of what’s possible.

The list is ever growing, but some of the places you can find more than one cohousing neighborhood you can visit on National Cohousing Open House Day (without strapping on your jetpack) include:

Raleigh-Durham, NC: Several communities around the region are throwing open their doors; I got to see quite a few after the last National Cohousing Conference there, and was delighted with the variety of approaches to intergenerational and senior living.

Boulder-Denver, CO: If you’d rather you can see both forming communities and established ones reachable by bus and light rail (perhaps with an assist by bicycle).

Sacramento Valley & foothills, CA: Explore cohousing at a range of altitudes in the Golden State, from a long-established community near the Capitol building to senior cohousing in Grass Valley, high above the dams.

Portland, OR: This city may feature the most cohousing neighborhoods in the US in its metro area, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that communities here have been co-marketing for decades, and that quite a few are doing complementary activities on this day. You can even dip south to Corvallis

East San Francisco Bay Area, CA: We’re organizing a bus tour and providing self-guided tour maps in the booming East Bay Cohousing region, and Pleasant Hill Cohousing is hosting an afternoon forum that’s included.

What are your plans? Share in the comments.



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