National Cohousing Open House Day: Thanksgiving for Cohousers!

It feels like Thanksgiving for Cohousers! You know what its like for those hosting Thanksgiving, right? Preparing extra special treats, cleaning a little bit more than usual, coordinating who is doing what, and mostly… preparing and getting excited for the guests to arrive! That’s what we have been doing at Cohousing communities all across the country and YOU are the guests.

Come and enjoy the feast of sharing, enjoyment, education, opportunity, potential and hope! We are welcoming YOU into our homes and lives with open hearts to get a taste of what a collaborative, community-oriented life could be like. We are honored to share this experience with you and help you on your journey to find your own community, in whatever way it may look.

Hope to see you at one or more of the 95 Participating Communities all across the country! (

Here is an appetizer to whet your appetite!

Watch this powerful video message from the ED of the FIC (, a great partnering organization of Coho/US (


Whether you can make it to the events or not, see a stream of posts, videos, pictures and experiences about the day, learn more about it on our site, and stay connected with us year round on FB and also our Coho newsletter. RSVP here to see more – (

We look forward to meeting you!

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