National Conference: The Next Generation and Our Children Of Cohousing

With cohousing communities taking hold in the early 1990’s, we have produced a generation of “children of cohousing.” These now-young adults benefited greatly from growing up in a cohousing community. We are looking for their stories, their experiences; how they have applied “cohousing lessons” in their 20’s and 30’s. Is there anything profoundly different about their networking and other skills, world views or approaches to life than others of their generation who did not grow up in cohousing? Ideally we could benefit from their participation in the 2015 National Cohousing Conference: The Next Generation.
We would like to connect with the children of cohousing: can you share this request with this younger generation, and have them contact us or email We invite their participation as they are willing and able in gathering – in person or via skype – at the national conference, or in sharing experiences through blogs and videos.

Although these young people value cohousing, they are likely not living within a traditional cohousing community, given issues of affordability, and the transient nature of early careers and lives. So along with discussions we plan surrounding the conference about how this generation is using cohousing experience to “get ahead” or find satisfaction in life, school and work, we also invite conversations about alternative communities they have built that could serve as models. We also seek their advice about what Coho/US can offer to them and to our evolving movement, and what they can offer to us.

We believe the issues surrounding “children of cohousing” provides a potent focal point in our conversations about the evolution of cohousing, and your participation and ideas are welcome

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