National Cohousing Open House Day: April 24, 2021

An Open House is a great way for a community to share the good news about cohousing, which is why CohoUS coordinates one on a national scale each spring. We are excited to promote (virtual or live) events organized by forming/building groups, established communities, or coalitions — but we do ask that each participating community be registered with us in our Community Directory. The more innovative the event and the more you are doing for local outreach, the more fun we can have with it!

We have SO many exciting options for this year’s National Cohousing Open House Day! For planning help, we’re going to host a discussion of NCOHD event options. Bring your ideas and your questions to this zoom room: click here on Monday April 12, 2021 at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

Individual Communities, we encourage you to: Host a virtual meet and greet. Host an online information session. Show a virtual tour. Post a video of community life. Live stream a house concert. Share drone footage. If COVID allows: Invite folks to an outdoor work party. Give tours of your property. Host an outdoor ice cream social.

Regional Groups of multiple communities, consider coordinating: A virtual gathering with each community taking a few moments to introduce themselves. Host an online panel discussion. If COVID allows: Host an outdoor dance party. Offer an ‘introduction to cohousing’ talk at an outdoor venue.

National Community of Communities: We’re excited to announce a National Cohousing Open House Day virtual Wrap Up, Celebration and Introductions to some of our our Strategic Partners and organizations with similar missions. Join us at this ZOOM link on April 24th at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern.

To register your community as participating for this day, click here. We are updating this page as often as necessary. If you see something which needs correcting, please let 2021 Coordinators, Coho/US volunteers Neil and Raines – know.

Note: Community names are linked to their websites where many communities have posted event schedules, homes for sale and more.

Open House Schedule will be here
All events on April 24 unless noted

Note that we review entries and batch update so new/edited listings won’t appear instantly.

Location Community Group Status Format When Link Video
Grass Valley, CA Wolf Creek Lodge Living in Community Zoom 1pm PDT RSVP  
  Virtual tour via a slideshow of our pro-active adult community
Oakland, CA Swan’s Market Cohousing Living in Community Zoom noon PDT RSVP Video
  Swan’s Market Cohousing was founded in 2000 and consists of 20 units in a historic building in the heart of downtown Oakland. Please join us for an overview of our community, including virtual tour, and Q&A!
Carrboro, NC Pacifica Living in Community In Person 2pm EDT RSVP  
  Open house, community tours
Durham, NC Durham Central Park Cohousing Living in Community Zoom 2pm EDT RSVP Video
  One of the best things about us is our location, adjacent to Durham Central Park downtown. We are proud of our award winning building, magnificent gardens, and sustainability features that lower our costs and carbon footprint. As cool as our condos are, our lively and creative community is what makes us truly special. Come hear our stories!
Durham, NC Weaving Water Cohousing Building Community In Person 2pm EDT RSVP  
  Tour our beautiful land! This will be one of the last opportunities to visit the site before construction begins this spring. Have some extra time? After visiting the site, continue your exploration at the Eno River State Park’s Pump Station Trail just walking distance from us.
    Zoom 10am EDT RSVP  
The sessions include a presentation introducing you to our community and an opportunity meet our members and other Explorers. We are a multi-generational and inclusive community that respects and engages with nature.
Durham, NC Bull City Commons Cohousing Building Community In Person 3pm EDT Info Video
      Zoom 1pm EDT Info Video
Open House Day is a great time to visit local cohousing communities either virtually or in-person, ask questions of the residents, and see which community would be a good fit for you! We will have a table set up across the street from our condo building in progress. No RSVP needed, so stop by!
Durham, NC Village Hearth Cohousing Living in Community Zoom  1pm EDT RSVP  

Last year, we scrambled to imagine what a virtual open house could possibly be. This year, we have made a video we’ll show about our new community, and we’ve become far more proficient at hosting visitors from all over the country (and beyond). Most wouldn’t be able to come in person, yet can chat with us and look at the community via the computer.
   We’ll start our program three times, beginning each video tour and live conversation with you, on the hours of 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 pm EDT. It’s even better this way, we realize now. We can show you into our homes, and tell you about our experiences with Cohousing thus far, while also learning about you. Though we are sold out, there is one home now available as a resale. It has not been lived in, and a full description of it is at our website.
   Village Hearth was designed to be a joyful vibrant place for the senior LGBTQ (and allies) community—a place of acceptance and togetherness, where small attached single-level homes in pastel shades dot the landscape, and where 28 households govern themselves, have adventures indoors and out, and work together to achieve common goals.

Carrboro, NC Arcadia Cohousing Living in Community In Person 11am EDT RSVP  
  Come visit our beautiful community in person! We are a multigenerational suburban cohousing community, established in 1994. Thirty-three families share sixteen acres, eleven of which are woods with a stream running through them. Our Common House is located at 134 Circadian Way, Chapel Hill.
Rougemont, NC Elderberry Cohousing Living in Community In Person 2pm EDT RSVP  
  Walk around our beautiful community; talk with members; visit our home for sale, our Common house, gardens, woodshop and woodland trails. We request that you let us know you’re coming.
Hood River, OR Adams Creek Cohousing Building Community Zoom 3pm PDT RSVP Video
  Amazing property with a beautiful creek, mature trees, and unbelievable views! Adams Creek Cohousing members value sharing and caring about each other. We strive to work and play together, ensure everyone’s voice is heard, and live lightly on the land. Living in a multi-generational community is key. Please join as we share information about our community, values, plans, and meet some of our members. We also have a video showcasing our community.
Portland, OR Our Home – Cathedral Park Building Community Zoom 11am PDT RSVP  
  Live Zoom chat, share out of our progress, and how you can become a part of this exciting and groundbreaking community. Plus prizes!
Portland, OR PDX Commons Living in Community Zoom 11am PDT RSVP Video
  You will see both a slide show, and video we made, we do introductions, and answer questions.
Northampton, MA Village Hill Cohousing Living in Community Zoom

 11am EDT/
2pm EDT

RSVP Video
  Curious about cohousing in one of the nicest small cities in the United States? We invite you to join our online information session, including a virtual tour of our homes and beautiful community. Meet members, learn more about this vibrant growing community, and ask questions. 11 AM-noon EDT for the first session, or 2-3 PM EDT for the second one.
Shepherdstown, WV Shepherd Village
Living in Community Zoom 10am EDT RSVP Video
  If you’re interested in what it’s like to live in Shepherd Village, grab a cup of coffee and join us online for a couple of hours! Our Village hosts will take you on an online guided tour of our community and share an inside look at our values, practices, and activities. We’ll also introduce you to our historic, walkable university town – only one hour west of the Washington, DC metro area. We’ll save plenty of time to respond to your questions. We hope you can join us!