New Sponsor Closetbox Impressed with Cohousing Movement

Closetbox (“Self Storage Without Leaving Your Home”) is our latest Community Sponsor of the 2017 National Cohousing Conference. When I asked Outreach Director Mike Williams why the Closetbox was partnering with us, he explained that he learned about cohousing from one of his customers. Here is what he shared:

It seems that our interests are pretty aligned. Building a stronger community is always easy to mention, but takes some work to get momentum building. After hearing about our customer’s experience with his cohousing community, our Personal Storage Advisor brought the idea of Cohousing to my attention. This made me dig a little further to find out more about this explosive movement that we should all know more about. What I learned about the idea is that you’re bringing people together and providing a natural support group. Humans are social beings and while individualism is important, it’s not as important as the support of your community. I’m happy to see these new concepts come to life.

So, I spoke with the Advisor to find out what attracted the customer to Closetbox. She stated that he was a major part of his community and that our service allowed him the freedom to get everything done with ease. He found comfort in the idea that his belongings would be picked up and hauled by professionals, secured in a climate controlled facility, and when he is ready for something to be returned, it would be delivered right back to him in a snap. He said that the beauty of our service is that he and his loved ones didn’t need to take time away from the people that matter to them, their community. We came by, picked up the items, and he was able to continue on with his day. A half an hour was interrupted rather than a full day if he would have done it all himself.

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Thank you, Mike!



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