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Residents, city staff speak against Lafayette housing project
Colorado Hometown Weekly
Phillips' claim during his presentation that several community meetings held with neighbors went well drew groans from the audience and a renewed call by Wong for more "jazz hands." The land is flanked by acres of open space and sits next door to ...

Backlash may thwart bid to transform rural land for Lafayette housing project
Boulder Daily Camera
"I think the balance comes from being able to provide solutions to problems," Phillips said Friday. "Growth happens, and it can be done very responsibly." Even without recent policy shifts, however, a bid to station such large-scale redevelopment at ...

Maine Public

Maine Public
Architect and businessman Chuck Durrett and journalist Deirdre Fulton discuss Cohousing, which is a type of collaborative housing wher residents actively participate in the design and operation of their own neighborhoods. Cohousing residents are ...

Wall Street Journal

Retirement Communities Lure Boomers With Eco-Friendly Message
Wall Street Journal
There is also a growing movement in senior housing known as cohousing, in which homeowners have their own units but share a common living space and other resources. Currently, there are about a dozen senior cohousing communities in the U.S., ...

UK: How Can We Make Our Housing Market Better For Young People
Mondaq News Alerts
Houses may be owned or, if the financial model permits, rented. The key point about cohousing is that residents control the space in which they live. They have responsibility for managing it, so are not subject to the whims of a third party landlord or ...

How can we make our housing market better for young people
At the other end of the country, Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust are working with several community-led housing projects in order to develop affordable housing for those in need. CLTs offer a solution for young people through the development of ...


Isthmus Picks Playlist: April 19-26
Jacqueline Schwab, Thursday, April 19, Arboretum Cohousing, 7 pm: If you've seen a Ken Burns documentary, you've likely heard the music of Jacqueline Schwab, a folk and classical improvisational pianist. At once sparse, lush, heartfelt and evocative ...

Diablo Magazine

Q & A With Courtney E. Martin
Diablo Magazine
Family: Partner and two daughters (though she thinks of her cohousing community as her extended family). Favorite place to write: “Anywhere my children are not.” Favorite playground: Mosswood Park. Favorite hike: Tilden Regional Park. Favorite walk ...