National Cohousing Open House Day: Thanksgiving for Cohousers!

It feels like Thanksgiving for Cohousers! You know what its like for those hosting Thanksgiving, right? Preparing extra special treats, cleaning a little bit more than usual, coordinating who is doing what, and mostly... preparing and getting excited for the guests to arrive! That's what we have been doing at Cohousing communities all across the country and YOU are the guests.

National Cohousing Open House Day Anyone?

Have you registered for the unique opportunity to promote your community along with others around the country through the National Cohousing Open House Day coming up (Sat) April 30, 2016? This will be a great way to strengthen the bonds within and between communities while lengthening your waiting lists and filling openings. It will help generate new interest nationwide as well, thus more communities can emerge over time. Sign up and I will contact you to discuss more details.

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