Policy Example: Rentals

The rental policy is guided by the By-laws, sections 8.1 to 8.7.
In order to rent a unit, an owner will:
1) Notify the Board (per Bylaws, section 8.1.5), the members of the Rental Team and the community.
2) Give the description of the rental to the Membership Team for publication.
3) Determine rental fee. (This does not have to be consistent with other units.)
4) Begin the selection process.
Renter Application and Selection Process: The renter chose by the owner of the unit will become a member of the Ecovillage community, possibly for a long time. It is important that this choice is made carefully.
1) The owner will present Columbia Ecovillage to potential renters. To ensure that tenants are aware of the intentional community aspect of Columbia Ecovillage, an owner should request that potential rental candidates attend a village business meeting and meet several of the community members before entering into the rental agreement.
2) Use a standard rental application form, such as a Steven's and Ness form.
3) The owner will screen potential renters for credit, criminal and civil history, using a screening company such as Prospective Renters - (503) 655-0888.
4) The prospective renters will receive from the owner a Renters' Packet that includes Columbia Ecovillage Vision and Values, Bylaws, Handbook and the six Columbia Ecovillage cohousing questions. (This packet will be returned to the owner at the Renters' Review.)
5) After studying these documents, the prospective renters will write their responses to the six questions.
6) The Rental Team will set up a Renters' Review with the prospective tenants and selected community members to go over the responses and allow further discussion about living at Columbia Ecovillage. The Rental Team will forward notice of the upcoming Review with the names of the prospective renters to the community.
7) The feedback from the Renters' Review will be given to the Rental Team and the owner.
8) The owner will select and notify the renters.
9) A rental contract will be signed. The Rental Team recommends that owner and renters also sign the “Columbia Ecovillage Addendum to Rental Agreement”.
10) After the agreement is signed, the owner will notify the community of the new residents, and make arrangements for their addition to the internet group site.
Renters in the Community
Renters are encouraged to join the community of Columbia Ecovillage through discussions, gatherings and group activities such as common meals and shared work. CEV will welcome the renters into the community.
1) After renters have been chosen, the Rental Team will select a Host for them, to provide information and be available for guidance after the tenants move in. The Host will familiarize renters with their rights and responsibilities. The Host will organize and support the introduction of the new tenant(s) into the community.
2) The Rental Team will post the renters’ answers to the six questions on the CEV internet group site.
3) The renters are expected to follow the Vision and Values and all current rules, procedures and policies of CEV as stated in the Handbook, Bylaws and other documents and public postings of CEV.
4) It is recommended that renters be active members of at least one team, participate in work parties, and complete participation hours in accord with current Participation Policy. The Bylaws state that an owner and tenants may divide participation requirements as decided by the owner. A space is provided in the Addendum to Rental Agreement to indicate how owner and renter divide the hours. However, in order to enhance renters’ engagement in community life, it is strongly suggested that renters do a full complement of participation hours.
5) Renters are encouraged to participate in discussions at community meetings.
6) The tenants will be given access to the CEV internet group site. They shall have access to all privileges and facilities of the community and the site.
7) The owner and tenant will decide between themselves how the allotment for reservations of common spaces will be divided. 7-18-10
Columbia Ecovillage Cohousing Questions for Renters
1. What attracts you to the Ecovillage and cohousing aspects of the community?
2. What skills do you bring to the Ecovillage cohousing community?
3. What do you want from living in community?
4. How do you envision community enriching your life?
5. The best way for others to give you feedback is……
6. What are your concerns about living in an intentional community? 3-1-09