Policy Example: Donated and Loaned Items

Section 1: Donated Items - Items donated to the community belong to the community free and clear. Related teams will decide if a donated item will be accepted.

Section 2: Loaned Items –Columbia Ecovillage individuals or families may loan items to the community. Related teams will decide if an item will be accepted. The community is not responsible for any loss or damage for the loaned items.

Section 3: Waiver - All community members will sign a waiver releasing the community from any liability for loss or damage to loaned items.

I waive any claim for damages against Columbia Ecovillage Condominium Owners’ Association, and its unit owners, residents and guests for any damage that may happen to personal property that I have loaned to the Ecovillage. This means that if any of my loaned personal property is lost, stolen, or damaged, I will not expect anyone other than myself to incur the cost of its replacement or repair.

Section 4: Loaned items must be labeled by the owner with name and phone number. The owner is responsible for making sure the label is maintained.

Section 5: If a loaned item is no longer needed by the community, the owner will have the opportunity to reclaim the item. Notice will be posted for 14 days before the item is sold or given away.

Section 6: Teams with loaned items will maintain an up to date list of such items. 4-19-09