Policy Example: Guests

We are having a moratorium on External guests. The ones that we have no connection with until further work has been done on what it means and what it looks like and when we are ready. 6-14-09
GUESTS: Guests are Invited family, friends and supporters of the Ecovillage.

RESERVATIONS: A calendar will be posted with reservations. Members may sign up for reservations by submitting requests in writing (by email) to the person appointed by Common Interiors Team to handle reservations. As a general rule, everyone is entitled to approx 10 days a year (365 days divided by 37 units = 9.86) per guest room. There are two rooms at this point. Any days wanted over the annual unit average can be bought, bartered, shared or sold, between members themselves with Common Interiors to be notified of these changes.
• Family and friends may use the guest rooms or camping spot for $5 per night per room- charged to the host.
• Other ‘Co-housers’ sometimes come to visit, either for curiosity’s sake or on vacation. They are asked to contribute $25 for the first night and $10 thereafter. These guest(s) limited to three nights, with longer stays open for negotiation. Workshop facilitators and other CEV invited guests will be housed free of charge for the duration of their duties for us. Donations are always welcome but not required.
• Potential buyers can stay two nights for free as they get acquainted with Columbia Cohousing LLC and Portland. Donations are welcomed but not required.
• All guests must have a Columbia Cohousing resident host.
• Kitchen privileges for breakfast and lunch (with guests own food, if possible) plus tea, at any time, is encouraged.

• Registering with designated point person on CI Team
• Communicating to CI Team ahead of time if it is a large group or a stay over (3) days.
• Communicating to guests where to park and what the Farm House/CEV rules are.
• Preparing and checking the room ahead of time.
• Leave guest spaces ready for next guests: Laundry of sheets/towels then replace on beds, general cleaning of space (sweep or vacuum) tidy bathroom.
• Reading through the guest room instruction sheet with the guest. (To be developed).
• Discussing use of rooms, such as time of clean up/check out and what to do if there is a problem, etc.

CONFLICTING DATES AND SPACES AVAILABLE: It is the responsibility of the members with assistance of CI team to see if there are solutions that work for all parties involved. Solutions may include alternative arrangements such as empty space or rooms in other members units they would be willing to share/rent, using other spaces on Columbia Cohousing property such as the ‘Artist Studio’ or even temporary tents during good weather, using community multiple purpose space temporarily for futons/sleeping bags or be willing to sleep elsewhere such as local hotels/motels.

Meeting/party spaces: Members of Columbia Ecovillage may use common spaces for meetings, parties, or other private events. Reservations for private use of common spaces are made by contacting the person responsible for handing reservations. Reservations of the living room and farm house deck require approval of the Common Interiors Team. Members pay $1/hour for private use of these spaces. Members are allocated 6 events/year. To use common spaces for more than 6events, members can buy, barter, share, or sell allocations among themselves, with Common Interiors Team to be notified of these changes.

RENTERS’ PRIVILEGES FOR GUESTS: The owner and tenant will decide between themselves how the allotment for reservations of common spaces will be divided. 7-18-10


— Payment for guest rooms and camping spaces is made through your HOA invoice. The person handling reservations will notify the Treasurer each month of each unit’s charges for guest rooms.

— On the day your guests arrive, please add your names and theirs to the white board in the gathering room in the indicated spaces.

— Please be sure your guests are aware that community members will be using the Farm House, including upstairs rooms, at unpredictable times.

— After your guest leaves, please get the guest room ready for the next guests the same day. Launder sheets and towels, put clean sheets on the bed, give the room a general cleaning (sweep or vacuum and tidy up), and tidy the bathroom.

— Below are the guidelines for guests -- please add your telephone number to the last line and give them to your guest:


Welcome to the Farm House at Columbia Ecovillage

Listed below are a few guidelines to make your stay more comfortable. If you have questions about any of these policies, please address them with your Host first, or find one of our other members, who will be glad to assist you.

1. We request Outdoor Shoes OFF in the following areas:

a. All upstairs rooms (including Guest Rooms)

b. Living room/dining room and front foyer

2. Check in time: No earlier than 2:00 pm

3. Check out time: Approximately 12:00-Noon

4. Tea available for guests in the kitchen. No other food provided or meals allowed until our common dining hall/kitchen is built. You can join your Host for a ‘reserved’ spot at our community dinners as they are scheduled on our monthly calendar.

5. Shower/Tub in 2nd Floor bathroom

Shower in Basement bathroom

Toilet/sink located on main floor off back door. We ask that you keep your showers brief, as we are a sustainable community interested in conserving our natural resources.

6. No Smoking in the Farm House: One designated place to smoke is at the North end of the Storage Building.

7. You may wish to keep your guest room door closed with a provided ‘Occupied’ sign on the door. This is a lively house full of activity. Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.

8. For Questions or Problems that may arise with the Farm House, Refer to the following:

a. First Aid kits in all three bathrooms (2nd floor, main floor and basement)

b. Questions/problems: Call_____________________


During the summer months, community members have the option of offering their guests a specified outdoor area for small tent placement: between the water tanks on the east wall of the farmhouse. This area is to be used for sleeping, not camping: No fires or cooking will be allowed in the tent area. Guests sleeping in this outdoor area have the privileges of guests sleeping in the farmhouse, and guidelines for use of the farmhouse guest rooms apply to those sleeping in the tent area. Each community household has an allotment of 2 nights per summer season for tent sleeping, which is in addition to their farmhouse guest room allotment.  Households may choose to give away their allotment. 7-12-09