Policy Example: Team Finances

Teams have authority to determine how to spend money in their budgets without going through the Board. A team should notify the Board if expenditures may result in a request for more money later in the year. 7-26-09
Every team that has a budget allocated by the village must have a Financial Officer. All teams should have designated Financial Officers by 09/01/09 or when formed if creation of the team is past that date.
Roles and responsibilities of the Financial Officer:
  • Manage receipts and team reimbursements in communication with the treasurer.
  • Have an understanding of their team’s financial situation
  • Can have access to Petty cash, and take withdrawals up to $200 from the CEV Petty cash for a Team Petty Cash
  • Can have access to CEV Credit Card. May be a Card Holder*
The following team financial officers MUST be card holders:*
Landscape, Maintenance, Food, Common Interiors
Designate accounts for all team expenses from list generated by Treasurer, including:
Petty Cash Purchases
Credit Card Purchases*
Check Purchases
*: This is only for when / if we end up with a credit card August, 9, 2009