Policy Example: Work

  1. WORK (10/14/01)
    1. All community members are asked to honor the guideline of 61/2 hours of community work per month, Associates, four hours of work per month. Community work includes all work done through work teams, committees or independently. (2/27/00)
      1. Each community adult member is expected to do community work. This agreement will be implemented in a way which 1) minimally intrudes on people’s privacy, and 2) assures the community as a whole that, if some person is doing little or no community work, the situation will be brought to that person’s attention and discussed (in a private forum).
      2. Everyone will either 1) join one of the four existing work teams or 2) choose one of the work team coordinators to be her coordinator (without being on the work team). People not on a work team will have to make sure that their coordinator knows what they are up to.
      3. Each Work Team Coordinator will keep track (formally counting hours or just keeping a pulse on each individual’s situation) of all the work done by people on her work team and by the people that they coordinate who are not on the team. If work hours are short, a Work Team Coordinator will aim to get the essential work done first and may encourage people to work more when circumstances call for it.
      4. There will be no penalties for not working “enough” hours, but the Work Team Coordinator will inquire into the situation whenever an adult is working less. For that reason it is important that each adult on a work team be comfortable with his or her coordinator.
      1. Each of the committees (Kitchen, Common House, B& G, etc) will designate one Leader who will oversee the work for the committee and communicate the work needs of the committee to the four Work Team Coordinators. The Leader is also responsible that nothing falls through the tracks in that committee’s area of responsibility. A committee may consist of just the Leader.
      2. Formalizing the roles of Committee Leader and Work Team Coordinator is aimed at creating a culture of responsibility. We believe that individuals are accountable, rewardable and communicable in ways which groups are not.
      3. The HUB will consist of at least the four work team coordinators and the Kitchen Leader. The Hub will make sure that every adult neighbor has someone to whom to report and that each committee has a leader. The Hub will designate one of its members to be the liaison to committees. The Hub will investigate and report on the current status of committees and explore a mechanism to assist people in changing their committee memberships. The Hub will meet regularly, aiming to coordinate all the community’s work.