Policy Example: House - General


1 The boundaries of units consist of the outside face of the exterior framing members, and, as to basement areas, the interior face of concrete walls. The units shall also include all windows and any porches or decks attached thereto, even if outside the boundaries described in Master Deed. (Master Deed)

2 Any office building unit shall be owned and used for business purposes by an owner or owners of a residential unit in the condominium. (Master Deed)

2 UNIT SITES (By-laws)

1 All areas surrounding the units shall be kept well-cared for and free from storage of items not in immediate use.

2 Installation of fences, antennas, satellite dishes, pools, hot tubs, trees, buildings, or other exterior changes of any sort to the units shall be permitted only upon application to and approval of the Buildings and Grounds Committee or its equivalent committee. [Design Review Committee]

3 All garbage shall be stored in designated areas.

4 Each unit owner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of decks and porches.