Policy Example: General Meetings

1 The highest decision-making power in our community is the General Meting. The Meeting also serves as a core community development activity, gathering members together to build and maintain the collective life of the community. The responsibilities of the General Meeting are to a) govern the shared life and property of the community through setting policies and agreements, b) approve decisions regarding the annual operating budget, capital expense appropriations, and community/condo fees, c) see that the work of the community gets done, and d) address issues and conflicts that arise as the community grows and changes. The General Meeting may delegate limited power over certain areas to relevant teams or committees. [Description by Facilitation team 1/03)]

2 Quorum. There is no quorum for General Meetings. Decisions are made by those in attendance at General Meetings. (1995 or 1996)

3 The Steering Committee is responsible for preparing and managing the agenda of General Meetings, and for overseeing the recording of meeting minutes.

4 Child Care: Get a name tag from the childcare person at the beginning of the meeting and put it on your child. Sign your kids in on the new sign-in sheet that they will have. Be sure to check off whether or not they are allowed to go into your house alone, and write in anything else they should know (snack issues, diaper instructions, etc.) The childcare folks will be asked to come into the meeting to inquire about any youngish unsupervised kids who have not been checked in. (5/98 Kids Committee)