Policy Example: Maintaining accountability

Maintaining accountability                            August 8, 2008:


Prepared By: Alan Carpenter Date: March 06, 2008           Passed:  August 8, 2008


"One of the most common sources of conflict in a community occurs when people don't do what they say they'll do". Diana Leaf Christian. This policy establishes a protocol for creating a system of accountability at Windsong.



When Windsong or a committee agrees to have a task done the following steps occur:

  1. A task is identified
  2. The task gets assigned to a committee and a specific person(s). The committee defines the tasks and the amount of time to complete the tasks.
  3. The tasks gets reviewed at each meeting until it is complete.
  4. Each committee (team) creates a buddy system, where everyone is assigned another group member to call and courteously inquire, "Did you do that task yet?" without shame or blame.
  5. When the task is complete the person(s) is (are) acknowledged.
  6. If someone still frequently fails to do what they say they'll do then the "Graduated Series of Consequences" will be used (this policy still to be established).