Policy Example: Property Management Policy


1.1     Effective and efficient property management will support our vision and the strategies related to minimizing ecological impacts and conserving resources.   It will ensure that:

·         tenants have a point of contact about maintenance issues;

·         necessary maintenance is done on a timely basis;

·         the property is clean and in good order;

·         the storage of trailers and other items on the property is managed in YES’ best interests, and

·         visitors to the ecovillage are referred to the appropriate contact person.


2.1  In carrying out property management tasks, all members will strive to see that:

a.    property management matters are dealt with effectively;

b.    there is accountability for property management to the YES community through the Land Stewards;

c.    property management services are economical; e.g., determining the least costly means of completing work either through use of members’ labour or competitive bids;

d.   emergency repairs are completed quickly;

e.    YES members are involved as much as possible in property management;

f.       work parties are organized encouraging YES members to volunteer time.

Property management administration

3.1    The Land Stewards are responsible for overseeing the property management function and reporting to the general membership.  

3.2     The Land Stewards will select a property manager from among members who live on, or in close proximity to, the farm.

3.3    The Land Stewards will act as a resource and meet with the property manager on a regular basis to discuss property management issues.  The property manager will itemize issues that need attention and will bring the list to the Land Stewards for discussion.

3.4    The property manager will be paid monthly based on their recorded hours of time spent doing work. The property manager will be remunerated at the rate of $15.00 per hour forproperty management tasks, the breakdown will be $10.00 cash and $5.00 sweat equity, unless the manager wishes a greater share paid in sweat equity. Work other than property management will be paid at the rates stipulated in the payment schedule section 5.3. The maximum cash payment will be $150.00 per month (at least $50.00 of the monthly budget being dedicated to purchases), unless authorized by the Land Stewards and Admin Teams.

3.5    Major property management tasks (i.e., of more than one or two hours duration) will be advertised to the entire membership.

3.6    The property manager may share the role of property management as long as there is only one point person accountable to the group.

Duties of the property manager

4.1  The property manager will:

a.    Carry out maintenance tasks for houses and buildings or hire members to do the work.

b.    If there is no member to do the work or the objectives are better met by contracting the work, the property manager will obtain quotes and select a contractor to complete the work.

c.    Oversee that work is carried out in accordance with job specifications or a contract.

d.   Manage the rental of trailers to ensure good service to clients and maximize revenue for YES.

e.    Arrange for lawn mowing, brush cutting and general yard work for the common property.  

f.       In consultation with the Land Stewards, set up lists and define tasks for workbees.

g.  The Property Manager’s responsibilities are limited to the residential area, i.e. the front five acres of the Ecovillage property.”


4.2  The property manager will hire members to do maintenance work including, but not limited to, the following:

a.    Removal of garbage from clean-up and demolition activities;

b.    building tasks such as creating workshops and working on spaces that may generate revenue. Note: This does not include work for the farm team, which would be arranged separately by the farm team;

c.    maintenance tasks.

4.3  The property manager will facilitate work parties. A work party consists of members who are willing to volunteer work without any set time or arrangement.  Work party participants do not commit to completing the job but offer whatever time and skills they have.


5.1  Payment for work is determined when the property manager has set standards for the performance of the work within a particular time frame.  The property manager will negotiate a value for the work to be performed by estimating the number of hours and level of skill required for the work.

5.2  The value of the work is to be determined before the work starts. If during the course of the work the job changessignificantly then a new price will be determined prior to continuing with the job.

5.3  The following rates will be used as a guide for predetermining the price for the work, depending on the ability of the person doing the work:

·         Unskilled labor (such as clean-up) - $10.00/hr.

·         Semi-skilled labor - $15.00/hr

·         Skilled labour and trades - $20.00/hour

Example: Assume a cleanup job is estimated to take 8 hours. The contract price for the job would be $80.00. If the person does it in 6 hours then they still get $80.00. If it takes 12 hours they still get $80.00. If the job has significantly changed it can be renegotiated prior to completing the changed work.

5.4  Payments for work will be made in sweat equity credits towards home/business purchase. The administration team and land stewards require prior approval if cash payment is required.

5.5  The property manager will keep records of the work done and the amounts paid (in cash or sweat equity) for all jobs.

5.6  If the property manager wants to do work other than property management a “designated” property manager will negotiate the value of the work with the property manager prior to work commencing.

Approval of Work

6.1  The Land Stewards will approve maintenance work, including materials, over $150. The administration team and land stewards will approve any work over $500. Any work over $2,000 will be approved at a general meeting.

Tenants’ responsibilities

7.1  Tenants are responsible for keeping gardens, steps, walkways and driveways adjacent to their house/business in order.

7.2  Tenants will contribute to yard work (e.g., leaf raking) along with other members on a voluntary basis. 

7.2  Tenants are responsible for minor repairs of up to $30.00 per month, plus taxes, in material expenses. This includes minor items like light bulbs, furnace filters etc.


8.1        A budget for property management will be established on an annual basis.

8.2         Funds will be dispersed from the property management budget.

8.3         General  construction funds will come from budgets established for particular projects.   


9.1  Project management work will be paid 50% in cash and 50% in sweat equity.  Other work will be paid in sweat equity unless we cannot find members to do the work for sweat equity.