Policy Example: WindSong Noise Guidelines

WindSong Noise Guidelines
Passed April 9, 2010-04-14

Communication Guidelines

· If there is a noise concern, communicate, in the moment, directly and respectfully (use eye contact, gentle tone and words and with kids to get on their eye-level).
· Consult the feedback book if unsure about how to communicate to one another re: noise
· Post a sign outside your unit for more quiet as needed
· It is the responsibility of WindSong residents to communicate these guidelines to their adult and child guests.

Hancock Square

The Square is a hub of activity for kids play and is used by all residents to socialize, have conversations & informal meetings, collecting mail, accessing the front door, parking lots & atria.

· Use quiet, soft-wheeled riding toys only
· Limit screaming and screeching whenever possible.
· Hancock Square is the preferred location (over the atria) for more boisterous play; meetings can use the boardroom as needed.
· Post a notice about events that produce more noise than usual (after 10pm).
· WindSong hosts of guests may place a sign in Hancock Square to request quiet time as needed
· Create a sign with a “shh finger” to the lips or a colour coded sign for Quiet/Moderate/Loud to be posted in the Square during meetings as needed.

Dining Room/Kitchen

The Dining Room and Kitchen are used for meals and meal preparation, formal and informal meetings and events, socializing, stage performances, parties and is used constantly by members to get water.

· No wheeled toys in DR or kitchen when there are meals or events
· No running/laps in DR or kitchen when there are meals or events
· Post a sign if a quiet time is requested


The Atria are quieter residential areas used to access each our homes and are the front porch to everyone’s home at WindSong. The noise from activities tends to impact more residents than other common areas. Atria are also used for café parties and children playing.

· Quiet time from 10pm-8am
· Use quiet, soft-wheeled riding toys only
· Encourage fun and play, but limit screaming and screeching whenever possible.
· Move more boisterous activity to
Hancock Square
or outside areas when possible.
· If possible, when kids are screaming/screeching, take them inside and close the windows and doors.
· No sticks running on the railing
· Create signs on lower and upper atria doors as reminders noise guidelines
· Sound-proof your unit as much as possible/reasonable