Policy Example: Illegal Activities

1. Illegal Activities Policy:

1. No illegal activity is allowed on Windsong property, including:
· Fires that do not conform to the fire regulations
· Underage drinking
· Possession or use of illegal drugs in common spaces
· Noise outside of that permitted by applicable noise bylaws
· Damage to common or private property

This is stated in Windsong’s Bylaws, and is consistent with federal, provincial, municipal and strata law.

2. To address ongoing safety concerns, it is proposed that two designated tobacco smoking areas are identified for a two month trial period. People using these areas are responsible for keeping them litter free. This arrangement will be reviewed at the September Community meeting.
a. A bench with ashtray in front of the Craft Room wall.
b. Behind the knoll where there will be appropriate seating and receptacle for cigarette butts.


Protocol for Perceived Illegal Activities
1. Our first response to a perceived boundary violation is to check it out directly with the individual(s) concerned in a respectful manner.

Respectful communication means:
a. ask permission to speak to the individual at that time
b. speak without yelling
c. avoid personal attack, rather speak about the behaviour that is unacceptable

2. If responding to the immediate situation is uncomfortable or if it feels unsafe for the observer or the perceived violator, speak to the family or designated support people ASAP. Individuals who have agreed to be support people: Kurtis Conlinn, Howard Staples, Alan Carpenter, Tricia Carpenter, Nancy Bean, Carolyn Johnston, Carollyne Conlinn.

3. If the illegal behavior is a perceived safety threat and does not stop, phone the police.