Policy Example: Exterior Modifications

Exterior Modifications - WindSong 2002

Exterior Modifications Policy
The exterior of our building is owned by the Strata [cooperative or homeowners association].
• This means that the Strata is normally responsible for the care and maintenance of siding, exterior windows, decks, roofs and the exterior walls. Individual homeowners are responsible for maintenance of the interior of their walls.
• The Strata has in the past given permission for individual homeowners to modify exterior features, but this has been only under the condition that the owner takes over the responsibility for any related maintenance that may occur as a result of this modification – (for example, if a leak occurs in the future as a result of a new window being installed, then the individual owner is responsible for all related costs.)

• It is also the intention that as a new owner buys a home, then the new owner takes over the responsibility for the maintenance of the modification. This is done by means of an unregistered covenant that the new owner agrees to prior to purchase. The new owner continues to have beneficial and exclusive use of the feature.

Exterior Modifications - WindSong 2007

Items Attached to the Exterior of WindSong

(1) Trees should be removed if they are within roughly 5 feet of footings. We say roughly five feet, because some trees are bigger than others and we will want to look at trees on a case-by-case basis.

(2) If an owner has planted a vine or has vines growing voluntarily near their home, we ask that the nearest home owner takes responsibility to keep that vine trimmed back so that it never touches the siding. This includes ivy, morning glory, clematis, wisteria, and other planted or wild vines. If an owner wants help with this, then please take responsibility to ask for help.

(3) Further if any vine or plant is growing on a trellis, we want the wooden/plastic trellis to be suspended on metal brackets so that it is well away from the building and a visible air gap is maintained between the plant and the building.

(4) Vines or plants can be grown along metal hand-railings as long as they are kept back from the wood or vinyl siding.

(5) Trellises or flat wooden brackets should not be attached flat and directly onto wooden fascia boards or deck boards in order to avoid a wet contact surface where both boards will rot over time. Instead, the trellises should be suspended so that they are either under the deck and out of the rainwater, or with a metal bracket to hold it out. That metal bracket should be caulked and sealed against the wood surface.

(6) No one shall make holes through the vinyl siding unless approved by the B & M team. It is preferred to have items attached to the wood trim or fascia and brought away from the building on metal brackets.

(7) When using barbeques, keep them far away from any wood or vinyl wall. Preferably, have the BBQ next to a metal railing when in use. When cold, they can be stored by the wall.