Policy Example: Unit Selection

Unit Selection – Mosaic Commons - 2009

We will attempt to find an amicable and optimal allocation of units.

This will probably be done by an ad-hoc team, which will ask each member household for its first choice of a unit (and if possible, second and/or third choices) together with a statement of what factors are important for that household's members. If not every household can get its first choice unit, the team, in consultation with the households involved, will attempt to find the next best allocation.

If there is any impasse, the deciding factor will be seniority. Highest priority will be given to those who have been members for the longest time. To break ties between members who joined on the same day, the length of involvement as associates will be used. To further break ties between members who became associates on the same day, the length of involvement as friends of the group will be used. The group's secretary is in charge of maintaining a database of members and associates to keep track of seniority.

To participate in the unit selection process, a household has to have contributed the minimum 5% towards the unit cost and have mortgage pre-qualification for the amount they will need to finance.