Policy Example: Parking Allocation

Parking Allocation - Creekside Commons 2007

Parking Allocation

Background: on the plan Creekside residents have been allocated 36 parking stalls and 
Creekside visitors have been allocated 28 stalls including 2 disabled stalls.

Values: to make sure there is fair and equitable allocation of parking stalls, giving 
consideration to those with access issues first, then closest to home. 

Rationale: Residents of Creekside will need to know where they may park when we 
move in. 

Proposal: We have allocated parking stalls to residents with identified access issues 
closest to their units first. First car spaces are then as close as possible to homes. 

• Residents who have second vehicles have been allocated second stalls in a cluster.

• Visitor 
spaces are grouped together farthest away from homes with a few (including one HCAP 
visitor space) near the common house.

• We are requesting a shift of one of the HCAP 
spaces to #57, which would place one HCAP spot at each end of the row rather than 

• Should a decision be made to build carports, this plan will change to 
accommodate their placement adjacent to each other and with the least visual impact -
likely around the outside edges. (See draft allocation and picture attached)

• Decision Date: March 31/07 
Outcome: The proposal was accepted with the following amendments:

- the visitor HCAP stalls will remain as marked 

- stall 56 will become a member HCAP stall.

- 8 stalls are available for members who have second vehicles