Policy Example: Parking Agreement

Parking Agreement - Trillium Hollow 2007

Parking Agreement

There are currently 34 covered parking spaces and approximately 12 uncovered parking spaces on the property. 29 of the covered parking spaces have a full wall in front of them which can be used for storage of personal items. (see Storage agreement below) NOTE: See the diagram posted on the bulletin board across from the Laundry Room.

Each of the 29 units is assigned one regular parking space within the garage. These parking spaces and/or the wall in front of the space may be loaned by one resident to another resident at their own discretion.

For units with more than one car, the remaining five garage spaces, called community spaces, will be available for units desiring second vehicle parking inside the garage. All the ½ wall spots are the community spaces, numbered 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, on the Parking diagram. Note: The Handicap space, #2, is assigned to unit 209, and the space assigned as primary space for 209 is assigned as a community space.

When one of the five spots become available because the resident moves out or no longer needs the parking spot and more than one resident/owner wants to move a car into the garage, a lottery is held at the next HOA meeting including all interested parties for the open spot. Second vehicle parking may not be transferred from one owner or resident to another.

When there are more than 34 residential vehicles on the property, the extra cars are to be parked in the designated uncovered spaces on the property.

Unit 100 will be assigned a permanent outside parking space in the lower circle.

If someone accidentally parks in your assigned spot, please park your car outside of the garage and speak with the person who has parked in your spot to remind them of the Trillium Hollow parking agreement.

All guests are to park outside of the garage. If a guest desires to park in the garage, they need to make arrangements with their host.

Guest & Overflow Parking

Guests must park in visitor spots located:

• On the right side of the road leading into the underground parking structure (three spots).

• Near the Common House there are two available spots in the oval.

• If you have a large group of people arriving, please have them park along the driveway on the right side (as you come down the driveway) on the sidewalk side, but not blocking the fire hydrant. Please do not park on any ‘green’ space.

• Do not park on the shoulder to avoid damaging plantings and compacting the soil.

• Because of the fire code, park either in the 3 spaces along the drive at the entry to the garage along the sidewalk side of the drive, or at the top of the drive. The space at the bottom of the drive isneeded for fire truck turnaround and emergency vehicle parking and should never be used by contractors, residents, or guests.

• Overflow parking areas are available on side-roads off of Leahy Road.