Policy Example: Parking Policy

Parking Policy - WindSong 2008

Parking Policy

Parking Policy Update

Background: There are 55 parking stalls in WindSong, allowing for 7 visitor stalls. There are 7 one bedroom, 20 three bedroom, and 7 four bedroom units. If the one and two bedroom units were guaranteed one parking stall each, and the three and four bedroom units were guaranteed two, this would require a total of 60 parking stalls, which is more than we have. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any unit more than one stall, and we must work together creatively to fairly allot the rest of the available stalls to those residents who need them.

 To work together in a co-operative way to meet WindSong residents’ parking needs as space allows. To ensure that we have the required 7 visitor spots available at all times, and to agree on how we use our common vehicle areas including the outdoor parking areas, the ramp to the parkade, and the front entrance area. To do this by following the priority parking sequence as well as taking into account individual needs.

Duties of the Parking Team:

1. There is a Parking Coordinator whose job is to keep track of which vehicles are assigned to which stalls. There is also a Parking Team which meets whenever necessary to resolve parking problems and to bring concerns and proposals to community meetings. 

2. Vehicles are assigned to designated parking stalls by the Parking Team, which uses the attached priority parking sequence as a guideline in assigning stalls.

4. The Parking Team maintains a list of residents who are away and, with their permission, temporarily assigns their stalls to vehicles waiting for a stall or preferring to park underground.

5. The Parking Team, after consulting with everyone concerned, assigns tandem parking stalls to appropriate vehicles.
Loading/Unloading and Short-term Parking:
The purpose of the 15 minute zones is for loading and unloading of people and goods, and it is expected that residents will adhere to this agreement and not leave their vehicles there for longer than 15 minutes. If short-term parking of longer than 15 minutes and less than an hour is required, or if the loading zones are full, residents may use a visitor stall unless there is an event going on (see calendar by dining room) that requires all visitor stalls to be available. 

Visitor Parking:
We follow municipal zoning bylaws concerning visitor parking, which require us to have 7 available visitor stalls at all times (bylaw 2500). Accordingly, residents may not park continuously in our visitor stalls even when there are no other designated parking spaces available. 

A visitor is someone who does not live in a WindSong unit, and who is here as the guest of a resident for a defined period of time not to exceed one month. 
A resident is a person who lives in a WindSong unit, and has been, or will be, here for more than a month. 

Non-operational and Uninsured Vehicles

Any vehicle parked on WindSong property without visible liability insurance will be removed at the owner's expense in three business days following written notice by WindSong Strata to the owner.
Vehicles parked on WindSong property that are not operational (i.e. cannot be driven) may be removed at the owner’s expense within two weeks following written delivered notice by WindSong Strata to the owner.

Procedure for Allotting Parking due to a Change in a Unit’s Vehicle Status

As explained above, residents may not park in our visitor spaces even when there are no other designated parking spaces available. Therefore, we agree that before purchasing a vehicle, a resident should check with the Parking Team to see if there is a parking space available. If there is not, it is the responsibility of the owner to find an alternative place in which to park the vehicle until a WindSong space becomes available.
If the number of cars/drivers in a home decreases, the available space is to be re-assigned by the Parking Team, not by the home-owner.

WindSong Entrance and Parking Spaces 

In order that the entrance to WindSong appears attractive and cared-for, we agree that outside parking spaces should be for vehicles only, with other "stored" things to be allowed for up to one week maximum, unless an extension is approved by the community.

Recreational Vehicles

Due to the limited amount of space available in our outdoor parking area, recreational vehicles such as motor homes, trailers or boats that exceed the length or width of one parking stall are not permitted on Windsong property. No exceptions will be granted to this stipulation.

Consequences of Non-Compliance with the WindSong Parking Policy

It is the intention of the Parking Team to resolve parking problems in a friendly and non-confrontational manner, while ensuring that the Parking Policy is followed and that legal requirements are met. The Parking Team will deal with non-compliance issues using a series of steps, as follows:

1. Those identified as non-compliant with the Parking Policy will be given a friendly reminder by a member of the Parking Team. This will first be done verbally if possible, and if not a note will be put at the vehicle owner’s home in a clearly visible place.

2. If the behaviour continues, the person will be invited to a meeting with the Parking Team, where the concerns will be discussed. He/she will be asked to propose a solution to the problem that meets the requirements of the Parking Policy, and to give a timeline for actions that will be taken.

3. If the problem is not resolved at this stage, or the person does not attend the above meeting, the matter will be taken to the next community meeting. The strata has the right to impose escalating fines for repeated or unresolved parking violations. 

4. As a last resort, after the steps listed above have been taken and the problem has not been resolved, a vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.
We understand that there can be extenuating circumstances, and exceptions can be made. However, the individual needs to be proactive in such a situation, and talk to someone on the Parking Team about the situation and his/her requirements.

Priority Parking Sequence

• 1st priority: first spot for every unit that has a vehicle

• 2nd priority: second spot for units of 1601 – 1800 square feet (this is a 4 bedroom unit)

• 3rd priority: second spot for units of 991-1600 square feet (3 bedroom)

• 4th priority: third spot for units of 1601-1800 square feet

• 5th priority: second spot for units of 801-990 square feet (2 bedroom)

• 6th priority: second spot for units of 600-800 square feet (1 bedroom)

• 7th priority: third spot for units of 991-1600 square feet

Car-Sharing and Car-Pooling:
On a case-by-case basis, a shared or car-pool car may be given special priority by the Parking Team, if the sharing reduces the number of cars that would otherwise be parked on our site.