Policy Example: People on Wheels


Helmets are required for all kids and adults on regular (two-wheel) bikes.

Helmets are required for all wheeled toys (such as roller blades, skateboards, unicycles) when they are going up or down hills such as the loop. (If kids are riding on trikes in the courtyard, helmets are recommended, but not required.)

Helmets are highly recommended for wheeled toys in the courtyard and other flat places, but parents have the final say. Exception: In community-sponsored childcare, kids on wheels must always wear helmets (unless they are on a tricycle/small toy in the courtyard).

Note: A bin of shared helmets by the courtyard would be especially helpful for kids in childcare.

Speed: Kids and adults must ride at a speed that is "under control". Safety must come first. .Riders must watch out for all people, and especially for toddlers. If someone (an adult or a child) feels uncomfortable with a rider's speed, they are encouraged to share their feedback with the rider. The rider must then respect/obey/cooperate/listen to the adult or child's feedback.