Policy Example: Playroom Agreements

*Kids Agreements are posted in the playroom on the bulletin board.

Use of Space

• The Playroom is a space for loud play with boisterous movement.

• Children and children who are guests must be informed about our playroom agreements.

• The playroom is open to all ages at all times.

• Before 3:30pm, older kids need to watch out for the younger children.

• After school play- b/w 3:30-6:00pm- parents of younger children need to watch kids more closely.

• Children 2 and under must be supervised.

• During parties/meals, events, children should be checked more frequently.

• The baby swing is for children 3 and under and less than 40lbs. This swing is tied up when not in use.

• Turn off all the lights when you are the last person to leave the playroom

• Check the playroom every week for your children’s leftover clothes, toys, dishes.

• Items left in the playroom can be used by others.

• Personal items left in the playroom will be placed in the cubbies for two weeks and then moved to the Free Table.

• Lost children’s clothing or toys found in the Common House should be placed in the playroom cubbies and not on the Free Table.

• The Playroom has a locked storage cupboard for theatre equipment & storage for dining room tables.

• Playroom storage for extra furniture/stage pieces should only be used as a last resort. Items placed in the playroom during an event must be moved out within 24 hours.

• During meals/events/meetings, children play in the playroom or

• Hancock Square

• and we discourage “Doing Laps” between the Dining Room, Playroom and

• Hancock Square


• Communicate with children respectfully (use their name, speak calmly, ask permission).

• As adults, we work to provide children the tools to communicate their own needs/concerns/boundaries.

• Directly ask other parents if your children require supervision.

• Inform the Playroom Team about damage or repairs that are needed within one week.

• Here’s one suggested protocol for dealing with conflict between children:

• Remove the object out of sight for the rest of the playtime

• Separate the children (no blame or shame)

• Give the children time (3-5 minutes) to express their frustration. Throwing items & yelling at others is not okay.

• Send one or both children home to their parents/caregivers if necessary.

• Any adult can send/take children home if children are not abiding by the playroom agreements.


• No weapons or toy weapons in the playroom. (guns, toy guns, numchucks, large sticks etc.)

• No throwing hard items. Pillow fights are okay if everyone agrees. The play may need to stop if younger members enter the playroom and it isn’t safe.

• No hitting or violent play. No swearing or inappropriate language.

• No donations (furniture, toys, dress-up clothes) without approval from the Playroom Team.

• Pets are not permitted in the playroom.

• The wheelchair is for handicapped use only.

• Small toys are to kept in a locked cupboard to be used only with adult supervision.

• Board games are not allowed in the playroom and instead are best enjoyed in the Fireside Lounge.