Policy Example: Common House Use

(2/28/98) (last CH Committee revision 1/03)

Common House Committee has authority to revise the Common House Use Policy without General Meeting approval. (2/28/98)

The following guidelines are for use of the Common House by Members, Associate members and Renters having a community or non-community function. All are responsible for guidelines being carefully followed and should ask for instruction or clarification if there is any uncertainty or doubt.

• The CH is a no pets, no smoking building, including the guest rooms.

• Use of the kitchen and masonry heater (fireplace) require special instruction. Members, be sure that your guests and sponsorees have been correctly instructed.

• The building must be left as clean as or cleaner than before use. This includes:

KITCHEN: washing and putting away dishes, pots, etc. in their proper places, sweeping and mopping the floor, emptying and rinsing out the compost bucket

DINING ROOM: wiping tables and drink counter; sweeping floor and mopping or spot mopping as necessary; putting furniture back in its original arrangement

KIDS’ ROOM - straightening up; cleaning any messes

BATHROOMS - checking for general neatness and cleaning

TRASH - taking all trash to the dumpster in north parking lot

• Turn off all lights, fans, and turn down thermostats to 60 degrees (in winter). Close fireplace only if there are no coals left.

• Be respectful of other community members in regard to noise and parking. Ask guests to park along entryway drive before the Common House. Quiet is to be observed after 10pm on the paths, parking lots, Common House porch and deck, and in the Common House when guest rooms are occupied. Only the first bathroom is to be used by other than Common House guest room guests when guests are using the rooms. Because of the proximity of the Common House to our individual homes and the frequent use of the guest rooms, the Common House is not appropriate for late-night parties.

• When sponsoring a non-member group, the member sponsor must sign a Common House Use Agreement Form prior to the event and to see to it contributions are paid if called for. Supervise following of all regulations. Also, write event on calendar and fill out Common House Use slip to Michael Dover.

• Put away clean dishes, pans, wine glasses, etc.

Common House Use Policy The Common House is for the use of the community’s residents (and associate members) to host gatherings of their families, friends, and organizations with which they are directly affiliated. Residents will reserve the space and be directly involved with and responsible for the event taking place as outlined in the “Common House Events Use—Organizer’s Checklist” document. Copies of the Checklist are on the board next to the Community Calendar and available from the CH Committee. The Common House is not available for use by outside groups or individuals.

The person(s) reserving Common House space agrees to be the “Event Organizer” and carry out the items outlined on the CH Events Use—Organizer’s Checklist. The Checklist outlines responsibilities related to reserving, maintaining, supervising, and cleaning the space(s) used. The organizer will be in the Common House to supervise the correct use of kitchen equipment (i.e. dishwasher, convection oven, kitchen appliances, range fan, etc), as well as the fireplace, thermostats, and other elements of the building. The organizer is responsible for the event meeting fire code regulations (maximum number of people), keeping the indoor and outdoor emergency access open – no blocking of fire doors and no cars parked on the pathway, etc). The organizer will follow through on any tasks regarding fixing or replacing broken or damaged items resulting from the event.



ALL EVENTS: Write event on wall Calendar (on hallway bulletin board). Fill out the form “Listing for Community Calendar” and put in __________’s mail box. Filling out event slips does NOT reserve Common House space. You can only do that by putting your event on the wall calendar. The event slips are for the monthly community calendar that goes in your boxes and the on-line community calendar. No event slip means the community won't know your event is happening and this could lead to confusion.

LARGE EVENTS: For events involving more than 50 people OR lasting more than 1 day, complete the steps above AND notify the community of your request to assure there are no objections.

o Send a community wide email at least a month ahead AND post request next to wall Calendar with a comments sheet and deadline to respond (1 week deadline). Use the Decision Board area to post.

o Ask people to bring a change of shoes in the winter (to help preserve our wood floors)

o Have adequate supervision on all floor levels

o Have a parking plan, and someone to help with parking as folks arrive

o No sleepovers (of any size) in the Library – it’s a fire code violation & dangerous to sleeping here


q As Organizer and contact for your event, be sure that your participants:

o Know how to use equipment in the kitchen

o In winter, remove dirty shoes & boots (suggest bringing clean shoes for indoors)

o For large events with kids/teens, provide supervision on all floors

o Make sure fireplace is operated correctly.



q LOCK UP: After 10 pm, lock up the common house (ALL DOORS) using an Allen Wrench (ask Common House Committee if you need the location)

q KITCHEN FAN OFF: Check that kitchen fan is turned off (on wall to left of stove)

q LIGHTS OUT: Turn off all the lights; check basement and library areas too.


q CLOSE WINDOWS: Check all windows are closed & locked – tops too! Also basement windows. Locking helps control air leakage as well as slippage of top sash.

q LOWER THERMOSTATS: Reset all thermostats if changed (hit button that says “run program”)

q FIREPLACE: Close fire place dampers if fire is out. Return in the morning to do same if it is not.

CLEAN UP: Do the basics – leave all areas cleaner than you found it!

q Check every room for dishes and mess (including basement and kids rooms)

q Clean and organize beverage bar area (coffee/tea area, glasses, utensil buckets)

q Take out:

q Trash

q Compost

q Recycling

q Wash & dry linens if a load has accumulated (napkins, towels, etc)

q Take care of all floors, sweep and mop as needed

q Turn off dishwasher and fan over stove


Contributions are voluntary to help offset CH utilities & other expenses. Use sliding scale below to help calculate your contribution based on your event’s demand on time & the space(s) to be used. See “Considerations” below for guidance.

Number AttendingFor Use by Members with Family & FriendsFor Use by Organizations

Number Attending For Use by Members with Family & Friends For Use by Organizations
Up to 20 No contribution $15 – 60*
20 - 50 $15 – 75* $45 -- $150*
50 - 100 $60 – 125* $90 -200*
Over 100 ** $100 – 300* $200 – 500*

* Considerations for determining contribution amount:
Number of participants
Space(s) being used
Length of time
Wear & tear on the space
Use in winter months

** Large-scale events (over 100) or more than one day in duration need approval of the community. Review Approval Process on bulletin board near Community Calendar. Legal maximum: 200 in entire Common House, 92 in Great Room. Please indicate the amount of your proposed contribution on the front of this event slip.

USE BY UNRELATED GROUPS & INDIVIDUALS: As it is an extension of our homes and heavily used by all, the Common House is not available for rent by outside groups or individuals. The Common House is for the use of the community’s residents, their guests and organizations with which they are affiliated.
Please make checks payable to Cherry Hill Condominium Association and place in the mailbox of _______.