Policy Example: Guest Room Policy & Guidelines

1. Deposit is $60. 

It can be in the form of an undated cheque written out to WindSong CoHousing and kept at our house.
The cost of replacing the lock if a key is lost is approximately $60.

2. The key must be returned within two days of the guests leaving. If the key is to be placed into mailbox #7, it MUST be in an envelope with the host’s name on it. The key could be hung outside the door of #7 (at the top of the stairs) if we are not home. The deposit will be returned when the key is (unless you would like to leave a re-useable cheque here).
We need the key returned within two days because we have two keys, and in order to ensure access (especially during busy times) we hope this will prevent us from needing to track a key down. Second, if a lone key is placed into the mailbox, it could slip inside and disappear (this has happened).
Extenuating circumstances:
For example, guests have been known to accidentally take the key with them. If the guest mails the key back then we can make do with one for the time being. These types of circumstances can be dealt with on a case by case basis.

If the key is lost then the person who signed the key out will pay for the lost key and be taken from the deposit.

3. There is a $5.00/night charge for users of the guest room. These funds will go towards refurbishing.

4. __________ shall do the deep cleaning of the guest room and include that in their CCS.