Improving our resources - our policy database!

Policy FolderOne of the things I love about this new website (what can I say, I'm biased), is the policies database. We see a lot of requests for best practices, and this is one way of getting at that need.

We're now working on improving our policies database in THREE ways.

First, we're trying to get all of the policies that have been given to us onto the website. Want to help with that? We need you!

Second, we're trying to get MORE policies. Is there one in your community that was controversial? That you worked really hard on? That covers pets, parenting, paint colors, the other Ps of cohousing? Please send them to us

Third, I'm trying out a different format for the main page of the policies. Want to check it out? Give me feedback?

Here's hoping that this will be a great resource for both forming and existing communities!