Policy Example - Home based businesses

Meadow Wood Declaration of Covenants:

Section 10.1 Residential Use: Timesharing and
Business Use Prohibited. The Condominium is intended for and
restricted to use as single family residences only, on an
ownership, rental, or lease basis, and for social,
recreational, or other reasonable activities normally
incident to such use, except as provided in Article 11. The
Timesharing of Units, as defined in RCW 64.36, is

10.1.1 Any business, trade, garage sale, moving
sale, rummage sale, or similar activity is prohibited,
except that an Owner or occupant residing in a Unit may
conduct business activities within the Unit so long as:

(a) The existence or operation of the business
activity is not apparent or detectable by sight, sound, or
smell from outside the Unit;
(b) The business activity conforms to all zoning
requirements for the Property;
(c) The activity does not, in the Board's
reasonable judgment, generate a level of vehicular or
pedestrian traffic or a number of vehicles being parked in
Meadow Wood that is noticeably greater than that which is
typical of Units in which no business activity is being
(d) The business activity does not increase the
liability or casualty insurance obligation or premium of the
(e) The business activity does not cause an
increase in the consumption of utilities or trash collection
services paid for by the Association as a common expense;
(f) The business activity, in the sole
discretion of the Board, is consistent with the residential
character of Meadow Wood and does not constitute a nuisance,
a hazardous or offensive use, or threaten the security or
safety of other residents of Meadow Wood.