The Fellowship for Intentional Community Fundraising Campaign

Like the Cohousing Association of the U.S., the Fellowship for Intentional Community is dependent on charitable contributions. The FIC has launched a fundraising campaign that is focused on taking the organization to a new level. If you appreciate the FIC and would like to support their efforts to support intentional communities in all their forms, visit the FIC Fall Fundraising Campaign.

From Sky Blue, the FIC Executive Director:
As the intentional communities movement has continued to grow and evolve, we’ve increased our efforts. The challenge has been to increase income to increase capacity, and this has led us into a financial crisis. We have become dangerously reliant on cash flow loans and credit cards....We’re ready to take things to the next level. We don’t just want to make up our current shortfall and pay off debt, we want to provide you with even more programs and services to support your efforts to build community....Our goal is to raise $40,000 by January 1st. Read more at Crisis = Opportunity: Taking it to the next level.

The Cohousing Association - aka Coho/US - is a separate 501c3 charitable organization, not formally affiliated with the FIC. We are however collaborative partners in promoting intentional community, and in supporting the larger movement towards cooperation and sustainability.

Like the FIC, Coho/US is dependent on financial support from individuals and our cohousing communities, both established and forming. While dependency on gifts translates to a tenuous business model, I am proud to share that the Cohousing Association is currently on good financial footing, with careful financial oversight from our Board of Directors, and success in receiving modest suport from individuals, communities, and our cohousing professionals.

If you appreciate Coho/US and would like to support our efforts, visit our Donate Now webpage, and learn more at our Sustaining Communities webpage.

Many thanks for the generosity of our readers and supporters in contributing to Coho/US, as well as the FIC.
Alice Alexander, Coho/US Executive Director