Join us in Harrisonburg, VA for our upcoming site design workshop!

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Harrisonburg Cohousing

Are you looking for an intergenerational cohousing neighborhood to join?
Consider Harrisonburg Cohousing, in Harrisonburg, Virginia!

Our Location:
Harrisonburg is a thriving small city in the Blue Ridge mountains with great nearby hiking and biking, and easy access to world-class performing arts through the JMU Forbes Center. Socially, Harrisonburg has a very diverse population, with more than 50 languages spoken by incoming kindergarteners, and a strong social justice vibe from the local universities and Mennonite populations. We think it’s a great place, and we’re not the only ones- In 2017, National Geographic listed Harrisonburg as one of their “20 Best Mountain Bike Towns”, Southern Living named us in their list of “15 Affordable Small Towns we Love”, and Forbes said we were “One of the Best 25 places to Retire”. Come for a visit, and we’ll show you around town and take you on a tour of our 5.4 acre property.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to form a community of neighbors interested in knowing each other on a deeper level than typical North American neighborhoods. We value our privacy, but recognize that our western culture and lifestyle isolate us from each other and make it challenging to build meaningful long-term relationships with those around us. In building this neighborhood, we want to recapture aspects of a traditional village: knowing each other’s names, eating some meals together, sharing and celebrating life together with planned and spontaneous gatherings. In addition, our group strives to live more simply and more lightly on the earth.

Our Progress:
We have a lovely 5.4 acre site close to schools and shopping. Our engaged group of consultants (cohousing consultant, architect, builder, civil engineer) are working us through the design and rezoning process. Our weekend site planning workshop will be in April or May of 2018. We're looking for 2 more households to join us for a total of 10 households participating in the workshop. How often do you get to help design a neighborhood?! This is your chance. Check our website for details.

We have 2 levels of membership. As an associate member (joining fee $150), you can attend events, get to know other members, give input in meetings (through video streaming if needed), learn about our financial model and timeline, and generally see if Harrisonburg Cohousing is a good match for you. If you decide to join fully, you can become an equity member (joining fee $1000) and reserve a home, participate in making decisions about our future, and contribute to funding development costs.

In addition to info about the location of our future neighborhood, our website has links to our architect, builder, and acclaimed cohousing consultant, Katie McCamant, as well as member bios and upcoming events. If you’re looking for cohousing in a friendly city, send us an email, give us a call, or join our newsletter to learn more about our project. Hope to hear from you soon!



HarrisonburgCohousing [at] gmail [dot] com

(540) 435-2259

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You could help design our neighborhood!
Harrisonburg, a great location
Harrisonburg Cohousing land walk