Forming Cohousing Community in Marysville, Washington

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Tammany Commons Cohousing

We are looking for members for our forming cohousing community. We are currently excited about an offer we have made on almost 5 acres in Marysville, Washington. It is a beautiful wooded piece of property in a quiet neighborhood.

Our community will be a diverse and multigenerational group of people. We are looking for families, couples, and singles: people who want to live in community and want to share and help each other grow and thrive.

We would like the dwelling units to be townhomes, duplexes and four-plexes- but these are not yet designed so come and help us in the decision making!

We will have a Common House, with an eating area big enough to accommodate us all, with a children’s area adjacent. The Common House will have guest rooms so that each of us doesn’t have to have that extra guest room “in case.” We will probably have a workshop for wood and other projects, and a craft room, bicycle storage, a dog run - other ideas will come from the group. What are your interests and talents?

Getting involved in the beginning means you and your family will get a say in the creating of the community. If you wait until it’s established, or find an opening in an established cohousing community you can only conform to what is already there. With us you get to help create!

Marysville is a good size- big enough to have services and small enough to feel like a town. Marysville is commuting distance from Seattle (Amazon, Starbucks), Bellevue (MIcrosoft) and Everett (Boeing), about 35 miles. Currently the job market is good. Marysville is close to snow skiing, and Cascade Mountain hikes, as well as water skiing, boating and fishing in Puget Sound (and many lakes). Kayaking, wind-surfing, swimming, and any other outdoor sports you like. The county has a hockey team, a baseball team, and an events center. Good school districts, an active arts community, theater, a symphony, and plenty of local independent coffee shops!

Western Washington is a progressive area, with a lot of environmental activism. Snohomish county is where the first Train Watch started- counting coal trains and providing that information to elected officials, and Kayactivist originated in the Seattle area in protest of the oil tankers in Puget Sound. Cohousing community members Dean Smith and Jennie Lindberg were founding members of the Everett chapter of, called 350 Everett.


Jennie Lindberg

jennielindberg1 [at] icloud [dot] com

206 818 7650

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