Potluck this Saturday evening fire starts around six come down check it out The 15 acre property known as the great cape tiny village will probably be listed for sale soon. The co-op still has a possibility of buying the property but it’s getting slimmer and slimmer. I personally feel like we are missing an opportunity to make something really special. Ever since my 20s I’ve been envisioning communities where my kids could interact with the same people at the same place and have a solid foundation to understand what it is to be human  I will still pursue building communities even if this property sells, but man what a special place this could be if we all got together and bought it as a community. Private property open to the public It’s not just what Brewster needs it’s what the world needs -- David Schlesinger
Great Cape Tiny Village
2624 Main St.
Brewster, MA
(508) 896-5900
Pre-development (Have site, no construction yet)
May 6, 2023
Start Time:
6:00 PM (EDT)
End Time:
9:00 PM (EDT)
In person