Prestigious academic and author Flora Samuel will discuss her book Housing for Hope and Wellbeing and reflect on the cohousing movement. The book is written for a lay audience (with policy makers firmly in mind) and offers a useful and intelligible overview of our housing system and why it is in ‘crisis’, while acting as an important reminder of how housing contributes to social value, defined as community, health, self development and identity. Flora argues for a holistic digital map-based planning system that allows for the sensitive balancing of the triple bottom line of sustainability: social, environmental and economic value. She sets out a vision of what our housing system could look like if we really put the wellbeing of people and planet first, as well as a route map on how to get there. Written primarily from the point of view of an architect, the account weaves across industry, practice and academia, cross cutting disciplines to provide an integrated view of the field. The book focusses on the UK housing scene but draws on and provides lessons for housing cultures across the globe. Illustrated throughout with case studies, this is the go-to book for anyone who wants to look at housing in a holistic way. Author: Flora Samuel is a British architect, author and academic. IN 2009 she became the Head of the School of Architecture at Sheffield University, the first woman to hold this post. She has worked for 10 years at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff and is presently Head of Architecture at the University of Cambridge. Learn more about the UK Cohousing Network
May 8, 2023
Start Time:
12:00 PM (EDT)
End Time:
1:30 PM (EDT)
Virtual (Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook, streaming)