National Cohousing Open House Day Press & Promos

Press Release: Below is a link to a press release for distribution to the media. Don't be shy in sharing this to your local and regional press, with a cover that details your community's participation.

Email Promo: Click here for promotional language you can cut and paste into an email to distribute to your own networks; below is a PDF of this language you can download

Flyers You Can Print and Customize:
Click here for a Flyer you can Customize;
Click here for a National/Generic Flyer
See below for great flyers sample from Woodard Lane Cohousing in Olympia, Washington and Stone Curves in Tucson Arizona.

Within Reach Movie Poster: Below is a link to a printable poster to promote "Within Reach" which will be show free by some participating communities on the day of the Open House. For more information, click here.

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