Organic Transit’s ELF: Take a Ride at the Conference

Durham Central Park Cohousing is looking forward to hosting National Conference participants at a reception in our new home on Saturday, May 30th, 5:00-7:00 pm. As an added delight, we’ll be offering spins in a Durham-grown product, the ELF. Organic Transit’s ELF is a trike with solar-powered battery back-up, all in a colorful shell that protects drivers from the elements as they burn off Kcals, commute, or haul groceries — all the while contributing to a cleaner environment. Says Valerie Naiman, “My ELF … has saved me using fossil fuels when traveling locally. The ELF has also been welcomed where other vehicles are not. Just one example was being able to park … during the Climate Justice protest. I was able to use it to post signs and draw attention to the protest.”

Several ELFs will be on hand at Durham Coho on May 30th, along with an Organic Transit rep to answer your questions. Want to learn more?

We at Durham Coho look forward to seeing you at the reception!

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