Community Partnership

Living in cohousing is amazing, but not always easy. We all have more to learn from our network of cohousers across the country.  The Community Partnership program supports communities in doing that as a community at the most affordable rates possible, while also supporting the movement of cohousing as it grows and provides opportunity for others.  

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Community Launch Program

Community Launch partners are forming communities who support us financially in exchange for our support for their marketing program and their learning about how to do cohousing well.  

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Individual Partnership

We know that not all cohousers have found their community. For those who want to be in partnership with the association, both to receive services and to support our mission, we have a program for individuals that provides access to all the benefits of partnership.  Please join us! 

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Professional Partnership

Our Professional partners are professionals in the world of cohousing. They share their knowledge with the cohousing community and we introduce them to communities that might need their services. 

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2023 Partnership Benefits at a Glance

Watch the March 15, 2023 Partner Orientation Recording: